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7ply Canadian maple pressed in the halls of Quarter Distribution in Berlin

Griptape and a little Skate Surprise included

The Fafeba Deck is dedicated to my Brazilian roots and and homenage to my Brazilian mother, that's where the name has its origins.

To give something back and honor our shared mother - the earth, 15% of the sales of this deck are going to Huní Kuin in Acre, Brazil.

Huní Kuin "the genuine people" are a tribe of indigenous people that live in harmony with nature in the rainforest of Brazil. They are currently building a school for the local children, this is what the money will be used for.

Visit their website to get more information:


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8,0 - 14,0/31,75
8,125 - 14,25/31,875
8,25 - 14,25/31,875
8,375 - 14,25/31,875
8,5 - 14,25/31,875


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The main picture of the Deck show indigenous headdresses from Brazilian tribes, not Huní Kuin´s, I did not know them when I designed the Deck before the pandemic. The picture was taken at the Museum of Wiesbaden.

It shows the colorful feathers of the paradise birds of the Amazon Rainforest and it is a reminder for us, here in the first world to

..show our true colors
..tread lightly and spread our wings
..embark into new adventures
..connect back with Mother Gaia