Combining femininity and skateboarding in all possible and impossible ways. You have so much freedom in doing what you love - in your own way, your own style. It is not about the gender, where you come from or for how long you have been skating. It is all about that spark that skating lights in each of us, igniting our wild side.
Still we encounter some prejudices and judgement, my take on this is to play with these beliefs, instead of hating, Daughters wants to be skating on that cliché and just say, that whatever they believe, you and we do not have to live by that.
Daughters of Skateboarding is about the love we share and the freedom it gives each of us as humans.


Daughters’ ethos is to use everything you have. With upcycling and giving new life to outworn things, lost-and-founds or simply your leftover grip. Its aim is to reduce our impact and trash on this beautiful planet earth while rolling wild on the streets and showing your colors.  


In 2018 Daughters of Skateboarding was created by Designer Aline Baliero as her bachelor thesis. Her inspiration comes from her background in photography, graphic and product design and her Brazilian heritage.

Founded in 2019, Daughters is inspired by all the rad girls and boys out there and the mysteries and beauty of life itself.
Believing that nothing should stop you from doing what you dream of, not even yourself! So thank you Skateboarding, you're like my mother, my grannie and my best friend.

A family to all the wild ones.